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AMBIENT won second place in the Burkietowicz Group competition

Ambient’s design won second place in a closed competition of the Burkietowicz Group. The selected architects were tasked with designing a concept for an “future workplace” using timber frame technology. The company was looking for inspiration as it was preparing to build its new headquarters. With climate change rapidly advancing, they decided to take steps toward reducing its environmental impact and use the natural material of wood for its next construction. As this was gonna be their first experience with this technology, they wanted to consult a range of experts. They expected participants in the competition to come up with creative designs that would combine aesthetic and practical aspects, taking care of the future needs of the space’s users and keeping in mind not only the building itself, but also its surroundings.

AMBIENT studio was awarded second place in the competition. Our design was based on a rectangular block, and the form of the building was shaped by cutouts, designed in places where the interior and exterior connect – entrances, view openings and skylights. Such an arrangement gives a sense of openness and interpenetration of spaces. In the interior, the spaces created at the interface with the exterior will contain nodal points – places for meetings, joint work or leisure.”

We would like to thank Burkietowicz Group not only for the award, but also for organizing the competition, which helps promote ecology and new technologies in construction. We hope that the wooden office building will be built and will create a friendly space for employees allowing both work and leisure.